Us in the beginning

We knew from the beginning that it was meant to be!


Proposal at Denver Airport

Edgar-Aaron found out that Naomi's best friend (Shila) had already moved to Denver so he invited Shila into the surprise Denver airport proposal. At the airport gate, he spoke loudly saying "Hello everyone. May I please have your attention. My girlfriend will be coming up the stairs in about 10 minutes and I'd like to have 12 volunteers help me with my proposal. One person to hold her name card and eleven others to give her a rose. I will come from behind with the last rose and propose to her."

Everyone wanted to participate and many were surprised that it was a proposal at the airport

He spoke loudly enough to have others from the top balcony hear his proposal speech. One guy took a video from up top and gave it to him as a surprise.

Thanks to all the people that volunteered to be a part of the proposal and others for taking these photos & videos!



Engagement Photos at Red Rocks Park, Colorado

We had four photographers!